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Ecotechnology and innovative engineering for all

THE PAULY GROUP is one of the leading companies working in the cutting-edge field of eco engineering. Thanks to its unique expertise, the Group is an experienced and highly respected pragmatic problem solver. Our customer base is largely made up of towns, cities and municipalities, as well as public and private companies. Our ecotechnology is developed in-house, patented and field-tested, and benefits people and the environment in equal measure. Ecotechnology that offers planning reliability and significant cost savings.

Operators of treatment plants in Germany and neighbouring countries with population equivalents over 1.3 million are already benefiting from our sewage sludge humification plants . This makes us the world market leader for ‘green treatment plants’. Just one of many examples of how we are using ecotechnology plus natural power and processes for the wellbeing of people and nature.

Member companies of THE PAULY GROUP work as specialists in various segments to create customer benefits in a wide range of challenging task areas.

Ecotechnology from THE PAULY GROUP = brainpower + natural power

THE PAULY GROUP includes the PLANCO-TEC laboratory, which specialises in biological and physical parameters, and HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR , which develops, produces and markets regional quality soils and compost-based fertilisers. Under this label, we design, build and support eco-tech planta: sewage sludge humification plants and EKO-PLANT natural water parks. At INFU (Ingenieurgesellschaft für Umweltplanung mbH), engineers work on research projects and support a variety of ecotechnological projects.

A team of 100 engineers, researchers, technicians and consultants pursue our mission together: to apply the intelligent integration of technology and nature – ecotechnology – to design processes to be economical and environmentally safe while taking into account

• individual requirements;

• laws and regulations; and

• social values.

THE PAULY GROUP: 35 years of experience in solution-oriented business. Pioneer and market leader in ecotechnological plant systems.

100% eco engineering