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Since 1983, the PLANCO-TEC laboratory from THE PAULY GROUP has offered individual, innovative and practical solutions for the treatment and analysis of treated and untreated residual waste and biowaste. Today, PLANCO-TEC is also a DAkkS-accredited testing laboratory for the ‘Biowaste’ technical module. As a laboratory specialising in biological and physical parameters, PLANCO-TEC distinguishes itself from other labs working in agriculture and the environmental sector that focus primarily on chemical parameters.

PLANCO-TEC tests residual waste, biowaste, sewage sludge, soil and substrates to the prescribed and recognised German standards such as the Biowaste Ordinance (BioAbfV), the Sewage Sludge Ordinance (AbfKlärV), the Fertiliser Ordinance (DüMV), the Landfill Ordinance (DepV), the RAL Quality Mark, VDI standards, etc. PLANCO-TEC’s customer base includes around a third of all quality-assured composting/biogas plants in Germany. Apart from routine testing for the RAL certification mark for the German Federal Compost Quality Association (BGK), the lab also performs epidemic and phytohygienic safety testing (according to BioAbfV) and foreign material testing (according to DüMV).

PLANCO-TEC’s comprehensive consulting and service portfolio also covers a number of other important areas. These include determining the gas formation potential of possible input materials for biogas plant, evaluating the biodegradation stability of organic waste materials in terms of suitability for landfill disposal (respiratory activity and gas formation rate) or analysing the degradability of biodegradable materials.

The PLANCO-TEC laboratory specialises in testing to establish the hygienic safety of biological treatment procedures, and offers both direct process inspection as well as the inspection of sanitised biowaste according to BioAbfV section 3. PLANCO-TEC prepares expert opinions on product hygiene, offers advice on process optimisation and provides support for approval procedures.


Testing services from PLANCO-TEC cover the following spectrum

  • Nutrients, heavy metals and organic pollutants according to AbfKlärV, BioAbfV and DüMV or the RAL certification mark (RAL GZ 251, 252, 258), plus additional testing to certify organic compost according to ‘Bioland’/’Naturland’ criteria
  • Epidemic and phytohygienic safety testing parameters (Salmonella, viable seeds, budding plant parts)
  • Plant tolerance testing using seedling trials with barley, salad crops, cress
  • Gaseous phytotoxins
  • Degree of rotting (self-heating test)
  • pH value, salt content and volume weight
  • Water content, determination of organic matter
  • Foreign material and stone content, area sum index (FSI)
  • Gas formation (GB 21) and respiratory activity (AT 4)
  • Stability parameters for sewage sludge
  • Hygiene process inspection• Sorting analyses for residual waste
  • Test to demonstrate the biodegradability of materials, aggregates, semi-finished materials and products

PLANCO-TEC also offers the nationwide planning and execution of compost, sewage sludge and waste sampling according to BioAbfV, AbfKlärV and bulletin PN98 from LAGA (German Federal/State Waste Working Group, cf. DepV). Our samplers are DAkkS-accredited and recognised by the German Federal Compost Quality Association (BGK). We will be happy to organise sampling for routine testing as part of the RAL quality assurance programme.


TPG Webrelaunch Teaser BAW

Treated and untreated waste, and biodegradable materials

TPG Webrelaunch Teaser Hygiene

Process optimisation for hygiene und foreign materials


TPG Webrelaunch Teaser Komposte Erden Substrate

Composts, soils and substrates, digestate products and sewage sludge