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As an accredited testing laboratory for the German Federal Compost Quality Association (BGK), PLANCO-TEC analyses composts, liquid and solid digestate products, and organises the annual routine tests to be performed as part of external quality control for RAL (RAL GZ 251, 258, 245 and 246). The scope of services includes scheduling, sampling and sample collection, and the timely creation and communication of analysis results to the BGK. A nationwide network of samplers is available in Germany for sampling work. Over 75 composting and digestion plants currently utilise this service.

Within THE PAULY GROUP, PLANCO-TEC supplies the raw material and product analysis data required by HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR for quality assurance, formulation and declaration.

PLANCO-TEC analyses starting material from EKO-PLANT sewage sludge humification plants in terms of key stability figures such as the dewatering, flow and settlement behaviour of sewage sludge. We also cooperate with partner laboratories to organise the sampling and analysis of sewage sludge according to German sewage sludge and fertiliser legislation.

In 2015, we inspected over 3,400 composts, substrates and digestate products. In total, we analysed over 6,800 samples.

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Treated and untreated waste, and biodegradable materials

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Process optimisation for hygiene und foreign materials


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Composts, soils and substrates, digestate products and sewage sludge