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Hygienic safety is a key quality criterion used in the evaluation of compost and digestate products. To demonstrate that potential human, animal or plant pathogens have been safely killed off in the course of biological waste treatment, direct process testing or conformity testing according to BioAbfV is required as part of the RAL quality assurance framework.

The PLANCO-TEC laboratory specialises in testing to establish hygienic safety and offers both direct process inspection, as well as the inspection of sanitised biowaste according to BioAbfV section 3. Nationwide across Germany, PLANCO-TEC counts over 100 composting and digestion plants utilising 40 separate treatment procedures among its customers.

PLANCO-TEC prepares expert opinions on product hygiene, offers advice on process optimisation and provides support for approval procedures.

High-quality products can only be produced from first-class starting materials. This is particularly true for biowaste. Unmixed biowaste with low foreign material content is essential for the production of quality composts and their further refinement into valuable soils, substrates and fertilisers.

HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR advises operators of composting and digestion plants on process flow optimisation to reduce foreign material content.

To get to the root of the problem, however, ordinary citizens also need to become involved – since they, as waste producers, are ultimately responsible for the purity of organic household waste. Waste experts at HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR advise public-sector waste management organisations on the design and implementation of PR and image campaigns aimed at avoiding missorting, and the introduction and optimisation of separate collection systems for organic and green waste.

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Treated and untreated waste, and biodegradable materials

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Process optimisation for hygiene und foreign materials


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Composts, soils and substrates, digestate products and sewage sludge