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PLANCO-TEC analyses input materials from biogas and digestion plants in terms of their gas formation potential (GB21 digestion test), advises on process optimisation, and assesses the suitability of the digestate product as fertiliser according to DüMV, BioAbfV and the RAL quality mark.

PLANCO-TEC analyses the biological stability and activity of mechanobiologically treated waste (MTW) according to the criteria respiratory activity as AT4 and gas formation rate using the GB21 digestion test (MTW control test according to DepV).

PLANCO-TEC is an accredited laboratory for testing the biodegradability of biodegradable plastics and the determination of ecotoxic effects.

TPG Webrelaunch Teaser BAW

Treated and untreated waste, and biodegradable materials

TPG Webrelaunch Teaser Hygiene

Process optimisation for hygiene und foreign materials


TPG Webrelaunch Teaser Komposte Erden Substrate

Composts, soils and substrates, digestate products and sewage sludge