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Why THE PAULY GROUP is a first-class partner for operators of composting, digestion and wastewater treatment plants

In Germany, operators of composting, digestion and wastewater treatment plants are now facing a multitude of complex and difficult scenarios and requirements. The proper handling of organic residual wastes and their return to the natural life cycle represents a central but increasingly problematic task for wastewater and waste management.

To date, sewage sludge, composts and digestates have typically been deployed as fertilisers or soil improvers by the agricultural or landscaping sectors. The problem is that this route is being made increasingly difficult by fertiliser and waste legislation (DüV, DüMV, AbfKlärV and BioAbfV). Competition is increasing among areas for recycling. Simultaneously, requirements for the closed-loop economy (separate collection of organic waste, phosphor recycling), climate protection (cutting CO2 emissions) and product quality are becoming increasingly stringent.

The specialists from THE PAULY GROUP can develop individual solution strategies and offer customers support as competent problem solvers. Our experts in the fields of wastewater and waste treatment design made-to-measure solutions for process optimisation in biological treatment procedures, quality assurance and product development, marketing and the residual waste management of sewage sludge, compost and digestate products.

Our ecotechnological expertise deployed to your advantage. Help is at hand from THE PAULY GROUP: click here for our contact form.