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Ultra-modern swimming pool technology with biological water treatment gives visitors an unmistakable holiday feeling

THE PAULY GROUP converts open-air swimming pools in need of renovation – and often loss-making – into profitable EKO-PLANT natural water parks. This near-natural bathing experience rewards park operators with above-average visitor numbers and a very positive public image.

From an open-air swimming baths to a fully biological natural water park

Cities and municipalities all over Germany offer examples of the successful conversion of conventional and expensive open-air baths into one-of-a-kind natural water parks offering long-term profitability. Such as the natural water parks in Bielefeld-Brackwede, Versmold and Heringen.

And what do their operators regret today? That they didn’t switch to the natural water park model at a much earlier date!

Technology and nature in harmony

By considering the bigger picture and accounting for individual aspects, we ensure our eco-tech installations impress down to the last detail. Sandy beaches, rocks, wooden piers and harmonious water landscapes: the approach to the planning and customer-specific implementation of modern natural water parks by EKO-PLANT from THE PAULY GROUP. If required, our engineers can even integrate a technical water heating system into a natural water park.

EKO-PLANT natural water parks set new standards

The intelligent flow technology used in the natural water park’s pools plus the Geomatrix® ground filter ensure hygienically sound, and beautifully clear water – without the use of any chemical agents whatsoever. The pool water can be replaced several times a day. In this way, over a million cubic metres of pool water are cleaned naturally in an EKO-PLANT natural water park in a single bathing season.

The heart of the water purification system is the Geomatrix® ground filter, which is planted with reeds we have cultivated ourselves . The Geomatrix® ground filter is a highly effective, natural water treatment system that is installed as a separate area, away from the actual bathing area.

EKO-PLANT natural water parks: lower capital expenditure and running costs – significantly improved CO2 balance

The initial investment for converting an open-air baths into a natural water park is typically lower than a conventional renovation project. Running costs are certainly lower, since there are no waste water fees or financial expenditure on chemical cleaning methods and their associated legal rules and regulations.

The water cycle created by an EKO-PLANT natural water park results in a significantly better CO2 balance than for a conventional open-air swimming pool.

EKO-PLANT natural water parks offer quality of life while also enhancing the park site itself, and are significantly more profitable.