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EKO-PLANT sewage sludge humification: impressive benefits for the environment and public sector budgets, plus savings for ordinary citizens

EKO-PLANT is the strong brand of the world’s leading provider of ultra-environmentally friendly sewage sludge humification plant. No other organisation has designed and built more plants as a main contractor. The bioinspired EKO-PLANT systems are convincing increasing numbers of treatment plant operators with their unbeatable advantages compared to conventional plants.

In Germany, around two million tonnes of sewage sludge dry matter* are produced every year. Today, a significant volume of the sludge produced by treatment plants is still used for land spreading by the agricultural sector. German sewage sludge and fertiliser legislation (AbfKlärV and DüMV) has seen several amendments in recent years, and agricultural sludge reuse is becoming subject to increasingly tighter regulation. Decision-makers entrusted with operating sewage treatment plants now need to take urgent action if they are to avoid an intractable sewage sludge problem.

*The dry sewage matter (dry weight) remaining after a specified drying procedure

Sewage sludge humification – the universal alternative from EKO-PLANT

Sewage sludge humification using specialised modular reed beds is a bioinspired dewatering technique for sewage sludge that features an exceptional level of sophistication and detail. Utilising no chemical agents whatsoever, it is extremely cost-effective and gives the treatment plant operator many years of waste disposal security!

With the help of reed plants and carefully coordinated ecotechnology featuring high process reliability, water and solids are effectively separated in extensive, industrial-scale reed beds. The sewage sludge – a mixture of many substances – is degraded and converted in a kind of composting process that significantly reduces organic matter. The resulting reduction in volume of around 95% is achieved by the interplay of dewatering and organic decomposition. Every eight to ten years, the bed and the humus-like residual material is cleared by our specialist team. For customers, this offers time savings and thus superior planning reliability.

Sewage sludge humification from EKO-PLANT is therefore a truly futuristic model that serves the interests of local citizens. Low labour costs, flexibility in the choice of scheduling the recycling of the sewage sludge and low energy consumption – with correspondingly low CO2 emissions – translate into massive cost savings, high environmental compatibility and therefore the attractiveness of such a solution.

Sewage sludge humification – a positive outlook for the long term

Incidentally: sewage sludge humification plants that are planned and built by EKO-PLANT can also be financed by EKO-PLANT if required. For clients interested in this model, EKO-PLANT assumes responsibility for the entire chain as a public-private partnership (PPP) with municipalities.

Sewage sludge humification with market leader EKO-PLANT – customer benefits at a glance:

  • Sewage sludge humification can achieve cost savings of up to 89% compared to mechanical variants
  • Sewage sludge humification entails significant energy and CO2 savings
  • Sewage sludge humification enables phosphorus retention and recovery
  • Sewage sludge humification creates planning and disposal security (and for 8 to 10 years) – because the initial product
  • loses up to 95% of its volume by the time clearing is scheduled
  • The residual material from sewage sludge humification is a virtually sanitised, earth-like, humus-rich sewage sludge fertiliser.

process flowProcess flow of the EKO-PLANT sewage sludge treatment