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Premium local quality plus up to 100% closure of regional material cycles

The Floratop® regional soil system is a proven brand licensing programme for composting plants. The model includes a comprehensive service package for the professional manufacture and marketing of regional quality composts, as well as high-quality compost-based soils and substrates as bulk goods or bagged goods.

A license for better soils

The Floratop® regional soil system offers a helping hand to composting plants, municipalities, regional associations and private waste management firms. Experts from HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR work with customers to develop made-to-measure regional solutions.

A rapid, proven system offering key economic advantages for composting plants

Our services:

  • Product development
    Analysis of local requirements and development of a made-to-measure product range that takes the regional identity into account
  • Production service
    Support for the procurement of suitable raw materials, creation of formulations, optimisation of production processes for high-quality soils, substrates and fertilisers
  • Quality assurance
    Demonstrably high quality standards for raw materials, formulations and products
  • Marketing service
    Support for the distribution of regional products, creation of customer-specific advertising materials, design of marketing campaigns and trade events, employee training, acquisition of retail outlets and distribution partners
  • Training services
    Floratop® Forum training programme offered within THE PAULY GROUP
  • Floratop® revenue model
    Fair, performance-related participation

Ecological advantages: the Floratop® regional soil system

  • Reduction of the peat content typically present in potting substrates (wetland protection = climate protection by working to reduce CO2 emissions)
  • Closing of regional material cycles
  • Reduced resource and energy use as a result of shorter transportation routes, less fertiliser use, etc.

Benefits of the Floratop® regional soil system

  • A secure market thanks to new marketing opportunities:
    security in terms of uniform and guaranteed product quality; acquisition of new customers and strengthening of your existing customer relationships
  • Legal certainty
    compliance with statutory requirements (soil conservation/fertiliser legislation)
  • Increasing product sales revenue and thus product profitability
  • 'For the region, from the region’ as USP, improved public image: Since consumers identify strongly with their region, all products are accordingly marketed using a regional label. This enhances the public image of your composting or digestion plant and its end products.
  • Protected family brand
    All products bear the Floratop® trademark, which stands for premium quality and continuous quality testing.

With the Floratop® regional soil system, customers benefit from a strong quality community

As a composting and substrate manufacturer, you benefit from a strong business model. Over the years, we have made many enhancements to the Floratop® regional soil system. After all, the best response to changing requirements is continuous, flexible adaptation. Success stories are available on request, and these are always the result of positive, open and continuous communication.