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With our HEIMATKONTOR brand licensing programme for retail, we implement a modern and independent brand launch with a significant differentiator: regionally-produced goods. This allows you to acquire new customers and strengthen customer loyalty. An attractive, modern design, a clear identification with the region and supporting sales promotion materials and just a few of the benefits offered by HEIMATKONTOR. And all of which at inexpensive conditions.

Premium quality and ecological sense

We meet our quality standards with first-class, compost-based soils. We protect the environment by reducing peat content – instead using the largest possible proportions of regional compost with the RAL quality seal , thereby closing up to 100% of regional material cycles.

Potting soils and substrates are subject to higher quality controls than those for agricultural applications: low salt and nutrient content, well-tolerated by plants, hygienically sound and without appreciable amounts of foreign material. We apply these controls when selecting our raw materials, to create our formulations for top-quality soils and substrates.

Our product range

  • Organic soil
  • Potting soil(flowering plants)
  • Soil for balcony and tub plants
  • Potting soil (general-purpose)
  • Premium compost

The ultimate in made-to-measure: your own brand.

Even if you need a tailor-made product, and want to offer soils or other products under your own brand, we’re the right partner for your project. We guarantee product quality, organise your raw materials, packaging and logistics, and advise you on the design and correct labelling of your final products. Based on realistic estimates of sales volumes, we work with you to develop a compatible program and provide support for your marketing campaign.

Our regions

Based in the Rhine region, Hesse or Bavaria? Your potting compost originates directly from these regions. Our raw materials, including quality compost, are supplied by partners in the respective regions throughout Germany and are processed in local substrate plants. We insist on first-class quality and include the greatest possible proportion of materials from the local region. We also supervise the key stages in this process – such as formulation and quality assurance.

Our 18 regional lines in Germany

Karten Regionen Heimatkontor

 Your benefits

A regional product

  • 18 regional lines nationwide under the new HEIMATKONTOR brand
  • Over 50 regional suppliers of raw materials, plus local production, packaging and logistics

A sustainable product

  • Cuts CO2 emissions by up to 75%
  • Up to 100% closure of regional material cycles
  • Peat replacement of up to 70%
  • Average nutrient savings of 88%

High level of dealer and customer satisfaction

  • Over 90% of customers are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with soil quality
  • Almost 90% of customers would prefer regional soil to other potting composts
  • Product is considered high-quality by 100% of DIY store and supermarket managers

Outstanding sales potential

  • Innovation in the high-quality soil segment
  • Significantly cheaper than comparable premium soils
  • Attractive margins and good gross yield
  • Appeals to new customer segments

With soils from the region, you make a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment while also boosting your local economy. Soils are almost entirely produced on the basis of regionally-sourced, certified compost, and are characterised by their premium quality.

IYour purchase encourages us to continue producing high-quality soil products from our regional soil system: by reducing peat usage (up to 70%) and shortening transportation routes, these products cut CO2 emissions by up to 75%, protect our wetlands and close up to 100% of material cycles.