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How THE PAULY GROUP helps customers to utilise organic waste effectively

To date, sewage sludge, composts and digestates have typically been deployed as fertilisers or soil improvers by the agricultural or landscaping sectors. However, this type of usage is now being made increasingly difficult by German waste and fertiliser legislation (DüV, DüMV, AbfKlärV, BioAbfV). As a result, competition is increasing among areas for recycling.

The marketing of compost and digestate products – a move away from revenue-neutral agricultural reuse and towards alternative market segments, offers attractive marketing opportunities for many biological treatment plants. Here, the professional horticultural/landscaping sector and the hobby segment are targets for a marketing approach of this kind.

Increased revenue, new markets, customer retention and a link to the region are just some of the advantages offered by the Floratop® regional soil system from HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR. Always assuming that the composts and digestate products are of a certified high quality, and that there is a keen readiness to ensure continuous quality improvement.

For now, however, the conventional modes of reuse are still available. And while that continues to be true, the well-organised delivery of composts and digestate products to the agricultural and landscaping sectors naturally forms part of our scope of services.

The Clearance and Reuse department in THE PAULY GROUP business unit EKO-PLANT specialises in the residual waste management of sewage sludge and compost according to AbfKlärV and BioAbfV. The unit can provide a full spectrum of services from the acquisition of agricultural areas to fertiliser planning, transportation and application, and the end-to-end documentation of fertiliser delivery and reuse.

THE PAULY GROUP: know-how and experience for the optimum recycling of organic wastes.