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Helping municipalities save money while preserving the environment

Ecotechnological plants are a sound investment, especially when operated and supported over the long term with the necessary expertise. Ecotechnological EKO-PLANT systems from THE PAULY GROUP are biological systems that are adjusted to the exact conditions of the site where they are installed.

Examples of ecotechnological systems from EKO-PLANT include sewage sludge humification plants, constructed wetlands and natural water parks. Their capability for natural self-regulation is exploited to achieve reliable compliance with the required technical process goals (water treatment output, etc.). This requires a wealth of practical experience combined with technical expertise in biological systems and process engineering.

For us, striving for perfection comes naturally

The broad skillset offered by our service team is especially valued by our municipal customers. Our employees ensure that the ecotechnological plants are kept running smoothly – and whether or not these systems were constructed by our company or a different firm. They offer advice and assistance, maintain, monitor and provide all-round customer support. THE PAULY GROUP supports its customers with individual, tailor-made operating models. This enables them to respond flexibly to internal changes or external influences.

Together with other units in our Group, our Ecotechnology Service team can offer customers a wide range of synergy effects. As one example, the team uses the data and experience provided by the R&D unit as the basis for comprehensive analyses and optimisation work for the benefit of the ecotechnological system in question. The insights obtained are fed directly back into the relevant departments involved at THE PAULY GROUP, and so form the basis for the continuous optimisation of the customer plant – and for EKO-PLANT plant systems in general.

This continuous process of research and optimisation benefits operators of both EKO-PLANT sewage sludge humification plants and EKO-PLANT natural water parks.

EKO-PLANT is a brand owned by THE PAULY GROUP

Alongside the expert assessment of plant development and the regular presentation of the results from the analyses of the vegetation and the process technology in logs and annual reports, the plant operation services provided by EKO-PLANT cover all technical maintenance work and the prompt resolution of plant faults, as well as sampling, analyses and recommendations for the optimised and economical operational management of an ecotechnological plant.