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We offer companies in the agricultural sector the high-quality, well-organised application of organic fertiliser, and provide long-term support to our municipal customers for the agricultural reuse of sewage sludge, dried sewage sludge and compost.

As a service provider nationwide throughout Germany, we work closely with local authorities and are completely familiar with relevant legislation. As with projects in other areas, the agricultural reuse of (dried) sewage sludge and compost requires careful coordination to the particular needs and requirements of the client in question.

For EKO-PLANT customers, the agricultural reuse of (dried) sewage sludge and compost implies integrated and all-round support:

  • Evaluation of applicable legislation (AbfKlärV, DüV and DüMV, plus state- and district-specific regulations)
  • Successful working relationships with agricultural companies
  • Registration, sampling and planning of areas by seasoned agricultural engineers
  • Cooperation with authorities in terms of pre-registration and delivery documentation. If available, use of the POLARIS package is preferred
  • Coordination of all project stakeholders (farmer, haulier, subcontractor, municipality, authorities) – and whatever the weather!
Teaser Raeumung

Clearance of
humification beds


Teaser landwirtschaftliche verwertung

Agricultural reuse of dried sewage sludge, sewage sludge and compost



Teaser thermische verwertung

Organic residual
waste incineration