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Dried sewage sludge that exceeds the threshold values for recycling must be disposed of instead in officially licensed incineration plants. In the long term, there are plans to recover the phosphate contained in the sewage sludge before or after incineration, and use it to manufacture a phosphate fertiliser.

The EKO-PLANT unit in THE PAULY GROUP possesses a wealth of experience in the incineration and disposal of organic residual waste. We ensure the best-possible strategy is chosen to match the requirements of the respective project in terms of quantity, region, timing, quality, etc. Our scope of services covers everything required, from material collection and transportation (including interim storage if necessary) to the incineration itself, including exhaustive documentation.

Teaser Raeumung

Clearance of
humification beds


Teaser landwirtschaftliche verwertung

Agricultural reuse of dried sewage sludge, sewage sludge and compost



Teaser thermische verwertung

Organic residual
waste incineration