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Products and services for municipalities and private companies

The companies and business units in THE PAULY GROUP have worked with a customer focus for many years.


Ecotechnological systems, sewage sludge humification plants as an example of an economical alternative to sewage treatment plants:

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Today, over 1.2 million people in Germany and neighbouring countries are already benefiting from what will soon be 90 sewage sludge humification plants, all of which installed in full by our business unit EKO-PLANT as a main contractor. This makes us Europe’s uncontested market leader in this segment. Example: The sewage sludge humification plant run by the special-purpose association for water supply and wastewater disposal in Fürstenwalde and the surrounding area has 11 beds, making it one of the largest sewage sludge humification plants constructed in Germany. In 15 years, over a million cubic metres of sewage sludge have already been processed here.

Customers look back on their decision to install a sewage sludge humification plant:

“Like any municipality, we have to watch our budget. We have found a solution that is also a real alternative, ecologically speaking.”
(Tilo Küthe, Mayor of the Municipality of Helsa)

“Our duty of care to our customers means we are used to calculating the economic impact of our business ventures in great detail. With sewage sludge humification, we have found a system that benefits everyone.”
(Henning Stegie, then Director of the Ithbörde/Weserbergland Water Board)

“A lot has changed for the better since we started sewage sludge humification. Our work is now much easier and more economical thanks to dewatering without the use of energy. And we have also gained a great deal of independence and flexibility.”
(Mike Maurer, Treatment Plant Manager, Gudensberg-Maden)

“As a service provider for the people in my city, I need planning reliability and a low-cost strategy. EKO-PLANT gives me both of these things.”
(Frank Börner, Mayor of the City of Gudensberg)

And as this link shows, the city continues to enjoy the benefits of its plant today.

“Ecotechnological systems are a complex business. That’s what I find fascinating about them. To ensure we get the best experience, EKO-PLANT also offers a full range of services for plant operation and waste disposal. And all at our specific request, of course.”
(Tilo Küthe, Mayor of the Municipality of Helsa)


Ecotechnological plants, natural water parks as an economical and attractive alternative to conventional open-air swimming pools:

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Since natural water parks guarantee that holiday feeling, the special surroundings offered by an EKO-PLANT – such as Brackwede – can attract up to 3,700 visitors on peak days.

Customer feedback on natural water parks:

“There’s not a drop of chlorine anywhere. This first-class water quality is provided by nature herself.”
(Peter Rausch, Chairman of the Brackwede Water Park Association)

“The open-air baths in Versmold had got pretty run-down. But no-one could imagine the town without an open-air swimming pool. What was needed was a smart piece of decision-making: acquiring a more modern, more appealing and cleaner pool but at an affordable price. And so the water park idea was born.”
(Thorsten Klute, Mayor of Versmold until 2013, on his decision to green light the natural water park at Versmold. Mr Klute is now State Secretary in the NRW State Government.)


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Since 1994, the two hectares of land at REED nursery have grown up to 350,000 reed plants every year. A total of 1.6 million plants over the last ten years. For new planting work on reed beds, sewage sludge humification plants can require up to 100,000 plants, while the Geomatrix® ground filters used in natural water parks need an average of 4,500 reeds. To date, REED has supplied (and continues to supply) around 100 ecotechnological plants.

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Consulting, service provision and partnerships with private and municipal composting plants:

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HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR has offered business partners and substrate manufacturers its ‘peace of mind package’ for over 20 years now. The one-of-a-kind Floratop® regional soil system , also the recipient of an innovation prize, is used by over 30 regional substrate partners. With its modern design, the HEIMATKONTOR brand attracts new customer segments in retail. HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR also offers training for substrate manufacturer employees.

Customer feedback on HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR services:

“This formulation was developed by Loisachtaler Erden partner Humus & Erden Kontor GmbH, with expert advice provided by Prof. Peter Fischer from Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. Developed for BUGA 2005, this substrate has since found a permanent place in the Loisachtaler Erden range (...)”
(WGV Recycling Quarzbichl GmbH, special feature on Loisachtaler Erden, April 2012)

Feedback from attendees of HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR practical workshops:

“The many practical demonstrations directly involving our own products meant that a lot of the workshop material has stayed very fresh this time. This gives customer advisors much more confidence when recommending the products. Thank you for a very interesting and well-organised workshop.” (Anna Brandhofer and Peter Kreitmeir, WGV Quarzbichl)

“My take-home for production and customer advisors: don’t throw all your effort into zero-peat products – be happy with our low peat content and advertise the major peat savings achieved. The practical exercises are great – more please!” 
(Stephan Margraf, Head of the Lohfelden Organic Composting and Digestion Plant, District of Kassel Waste Disposal)

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The specialist lab for biological parameters of all kinds of organic residual waste:

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By specialising in biological and physical-chemical parameters, PLANCO-TEC distinguishes itself from other labs working in agriculture and the environment that focus primarily on chemical parameters. For three decades, key lab services provided by PLANCO-TEC have included analysis and process inspections for composts and digestate products as part of RAL quality assurance for the German Federal Compost Quality Association (BGK). Nationwide across Germany, PLANCO-TEC counts over 100 composting and digestion plants utilising 40 separate treatment procedures among its customers.

In partnership with AGROLAB GROUP, PLANCO-TEC’s customer base includes around a third of all RAL quality-assured composting/biogas plants. In 2015, the laboratory tested over 3,400 composts, substrates and digestate products, which involved analysing over 6,800 samples.

Accreditations and certificates

PLANCO-TEC is a DAkkS-accredited testing laboratory for the ‘Waste’ technical module (DIN EN 150/IEC 17025:2005).

PLANCO-TEC is an accredited DIN CERTCO testing laboratory according to DIN EN 13432.

PLANCO-TEC is an accredited testing laboratory for the BGK for the RAL quality mark for composts, digestate products and sewage sludge humus. This listing and accreditation is conditional on the successful participation in nationwide federal interlaboratory tests.

PLANCO-TEC is certified as a notified body for performing testing in the State of Hesse.


Ingenieurgesellschaft für Umweltplanung:

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Formed in 1981 as consulting engineers INFU GbR, Ingenieurgesellschaft für Umweltplanung mbH, INFU for short, is the nucleus of THE PAULY GROUP. INFU specialises in the planning of plants for wastewater, sewage sludge and waste treatment, and modern, ecotechnological systems in particular, such as constructed wetlands and sewage sludge humification plants. Its services also include site remediation, landscape planning (particularly intervention/compensation planning), environmental compatibility studies, etc.

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