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Integrated lateral thinking – naturally!

Anyone who has enjoyed nearly 40 years of success in one of the most innovative markets of our time can rightly claim to be a pioneer in the field. While others were still talking about climate protection, our climate-friendly products were already on the market.

Formed in 1981 as Ingenieurgesellschaft für Umweltplanung GbR, THE PAULY GROUP, headquartered in Neu-Eichenberg (Hesse), is now a competence, technology and market leader for ecotechnological products and plant systems. An owner-managed and proudly mid-sized enterprise, the Group uses bioinspired processes and makes them controllable via technology. All business processes are governed by a certified quality management system.

Complementing the consulting engineers with over 35 years’ specialist experience in ecotechnological systems, THE PAULY GROUP also includes EKO-PLANT GmbH and the specialist lab for Plant and Compost Technology – PLANCO-TEC for short – formed out of Ralf Gottschall’s ‘igw-Kompostverwertung’ in 1991. The Group was strengthened in 1997 with the addition of HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR , and its successful service model of manufacturing and marketing regional soils and composts.

Nature-inspired technology for treatment plants and innovative open-air baths

Since its formation by Dr.-Ing. Udo Pauly in 1995, the EKO-PLANT business unit has constructed over 85 sewage sludge humification plants alone in Germany and abroad, resulting in over 400 person-years of contracted operational support. Since 2002, we have been designing and building natural water parks and converting open-air swimming baths into natural baths with biological water treatment.

Many of the procedures used – such as the monitoring and control of water quality in swimming baths, analysing the metabolic stability of sewage sludge or the humification of aqueous suspensions of organic substances – have now also been patented.

Success story eco engineering

THE PAULY GROUP continues to grow. And so we moved to our new company headquarters in Neu-Eichenberg in 2015.

In the future, we want to continue making an important contribution to using bioinspired technology to reduce the consumption of natural resources. Today, we are already a global leader in sewage sludge humification plants and are working steadily towards achieving the role of market leader in all of our other business segments. We tackle complex challenges, which are typically commissioned from us by municipal clients or companies in the private sector. The results of our work focus on solutions, nature and the public good.