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HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR – a partner for composting and substrate plants

Since 2000, HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR has operated the unique, nationwide Floratop® regional soil system, which enables composting and substrate plants, municipalities, regional associations and private waste management companies to manufacture and market composts and soils according to the principle ‘From the Region – For the Region’. These soils can be marketed either as bulk goods or in standard commercial sacks.

HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR prepares the soil for modern marketing and closes material loops

High-quality composts are ideal for agricultural use as fertilisers and suppliers of humus, but applicable legislation places restrictions on their use. Changes to the German Fertiliser Ordinance have resulted in greater space requirements and longer transportation routes – with long-term repercussions for the organic waste economy.

Operators of composting plants can achieve waste disposal security only by expanding their product portfolios and moving into new fields for marketing. HUMUS- UND ERDEN KONTOR supports composting plants with made-to-measure sales strategies.